Monday, 7 February 2011


After months of waiting, I finally got to attend the local premiere screening of Burlesque (opening in Malaysia on the 17th, so thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia, I caught it 10 days early), which happened at GSC Midvalley. As usual, there was also another line (Hot magazine) for a different screening (of the same movie) and people got confused. I'm kinda glad that I missed out on the movie premiums (which was for early birds), because unless I want or can use them, they're just collecting dust for me and I've got enough of those :P

I was kinda excited when it first came out late last year in the States, and it sort of fizzled out for me by the time we get it here and it wasn't just because of the very mixed reviews.

The plot was really typical - so much so I wouldn't even bother with the gist.

I was more excited by Cher, Tucci and Cumming than I was with the younger people. If nothing else, wait til Cher's solo late into the movie; otherwise, any other musical number is a good time to use the restroom, IMO.

Watching Christina Aguilera as a small town girl with the big voice did not blow me away; it was duh-casting. I might be more impressed if I had never hear her sing in my life (hard to avoid) or if it was some unknown, young ingenue-type who actually turned out to have pretty good pipes. A bit like Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera (HAHA).

I personally thought it was comme si, comme ca; but if you're a fan of Christina Aguilera, then by all means...

PS. Oh, there's also some strobe lighting (if you can't stand it like I do) which you might want to be mindful of.

PPS. The trailers preceding this was pretty ridiculous - the titles explain what they're about until I saw the Priest trailer (the one with Paul Bettany that I've actually heard about) and I forgot the title (excuse me if I mistook it for Legion :P).