Saturday, 5 February 2011

On Friday, I got footwear

Friday: Finally got both a pair of Shape Ups and the cheapest Havaianas at two different malls (it happens).

Skechers Women's Shape Ups XF - Accelerators Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker,Black Blue,8.5 M US
Trying to pay for the Shape Ups at the 1U store was a bit drawn out and annoying because they had to check the serial number of the voucher (understandable since it's not that hard to fake, really) and they had to make a few calls. I was just annoyed that the store manager was calling to ask if I could use the voucher to pay for my particular pair of Shape Up XF Accelerators (pictured on the left) when one of the voucher's T&C clearly states that it's not applicable to the SRR Resistance Runners. I present to you the photographic evidence and you might understand my exasperation about the situation.

Where on the box does it say SRR Resistance Runner?! WHERE?!

Later drove down to Pavilion and after some wandering, hemming and hawing on my part, I finally bought the cheapest pair of Havaianas I wouldn't mind wearing at the only store in the country so far.

  1. My current pairs of Ipanemas are due for replacing cos they're both equally worn from me and my mother and they were getting a little dangerous to wear on shiny floor.
  2. Havaianas are double the price of Ipanemas here (for some reason), but I think my feet are allergic (to put it mildly) to the rubber of the latter, so I'm trying out a pair to see if the same thing occurs or not. If it still does, at least I didn't pay anymore than I did to find that out the hard way.

Kampung leftovers for lunch and then it was over to an aunt's place for nasi dagang and keropok lekor that they bought back from Terengganu; which is a little awkward as I've never had it personally because it's something I never acquired the taste for (only my mum and bro like it), and the fish used (ikan tongkol if I heard right) in the curry's got way too many bones for my liking. They also bought otak-otak (RM1 for 3) and bite-sized triangular ketupat (literally, 2 bites and it's gone). The night ended with everyone distributing the leftovers amongst themselves, which was A LOT.