Sunday, 30 January 2011

Week 5, 2011 - Week before CNY

In anticipation of that, I've mostly been having a lot of non-Chinese food (if I can help it) whenever I'm out - it's my annual "No Chinese Food Pre-CNY binge". This being Malaysia, it's not hard to find non-Chinese food to eat and street food is still affordable (to a degree) and abundant. I'm also wearing all the black that I can get away with while I still can, just because and just in case.

I don't like to shop for CNY clothes right before (choices are iffy at best around this time of year and I don't need the pressure to BUY something because CNY is coming); I kind of shop for it year round and whatever I bought since last CNY (red or not) goes. The way I figure, no one's gonna notice that I'm recycling the clothes I'm wearing now that there are first cousins once removed (or the cousins' kids) around and you know how small children are.
  • Saw Season of the Witch on Thursday - meh.
  • Also finally tried out ChicKing in TCM - hadn't had the fried chicken or burger per se, but the Wrap combo was edible (at least the veg content was fresh). 
  • Another year older... hmm.
  • Am a few levels and golden egg levels from finally finishing the PC version of Angry Birds - woo hoo!
  • Don't know what took me so long; but I finally remembered to order chappati at Devi's Corner in Bangsar. The price per is pretty standard, and it came with some interesting (but could be a bit more generous :P) sides - it wasn't too bad.

    Don't ask me what the sides are called, but they were all delicious
  • Finally tried out the Teh Tarik Place (1U branch) and tried out their teh tarik and nasi lemak because I didn't feel like paying RM6-7 for plates of mamak mi goreng. The teh tarik was worth the price (huge mug) , but I could do without the nasi lemak (it was just okay for RM3 something).

    Have I mentioned how much I hate onions? The huge onion rings didn't help the aesthetic :P
    Huge mug of teh tarik... 
  • Just found out today on Facebook that a former classmate (whom I've not seen or spoken to in 10 years) just gotten engaged when the pictures were uploaded. Oh well.