Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Tourist

Finally saw my first movie of 2011 - The Tourist. I've been waiting for it to become *-listed so that I could use the GSC birthday voucher printout to redeem. As it's been panned by critics, there was little point in me actually paying to watch it... and there was nothing else in the list that I would've seen, so here we are.

As Hollywood has run out of original ideas, this is the American remake of a 2005 French movie called Anthony Zimmer. I can't be arsed to rehash the plot here. I think if you've seen enough TV and movies, you can smell the twist coming a long way.

Does anyone remember the last time Johnny Depp in a movie without outrageous makeup or elaborate costumery? Neither can I - so it was a little weird watching him on the big screen looking like Johnny Depp. But I don't think it's his first time playing a bumbling idiot.

Angelina Jolie's performance was a little to be expected if you've already seen Salt or Tomb Raider :P Her English accent was just meh and the turning heads everytime she walks into a room is wearisome. Her and Depp was just not that believable.

I was only a little more excited to see Timothy Dalton (who only appeared twice - early in the movie and the last third of the movie) as Paul Bettany's superior in Scotland Yard. Paul Bettany's character comes across as an idiot and a tool in this movie - how'd he not have figured out that Depp's character is who he was looking for all this time?

I only a little more excited on top of that to hear Muse's song Starlight in the closing credits and strains of Map of the Problematique in the TV spot.

It was a waste of time; wouldn't really recommend it, even to Johnny Depp fans.