Friday, 28 January 2011

Season of the Witch

Finally saw Season of the Witch, thanks to a free pair of tickets from TimeOut KL.

Season of the Witch (2010 film)Image via Wikipedia

It's basically two Crusades deserters (Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman) who end up escorting a suspected witch  (Claire Foy) to some abbey to be determined by the monks there as to whether she is actually a witch. It's a road trip movie set in the 14th century.

Random thoughts as I was watching this...
  • Is that Christopher Lee? Why is he always in a movie for minutes at a time and always ends up dead?
  • Why didn't anyone tell me this was also a damn zombie movie? 
  • This movie is so damn dark - would be nice to have some electricity around... :P 
  • There's a reason why this movie is rated 18... all that fake blood and gore 
  • No photostat machine also susah...
  • Didn't know they had the word "shit" in the 14th century...
I give them props that it wasn't an adaptation of anything and was an original script, and I'm using the word "original" very loosely. The chemistry between Cage and Perlman was a little believable, though I can't believe that no one asked the latter about the desertion in that scene with Christopher Lee.

With Nic Cage in the lead, this is the very gory version of say, the National Treasure movies. It was barely entertaining. I wouldn't really recommend watching this in all seriousness unless you are a die-hard Nic Cage (Coppola) fan.

I thought my expectations were pretty low for this and I was still a tad disappointed. Sigh.

Disclaimer - I was running low on caffeine (didn't get any during lunch) when I saw this which might affect my mood and ultimately, my opinion of this movie.