Saturday, 22 January 2011

Got some actual GetGlue stickers!

Put in a request for stickers on awhile back and I finally got some in the mail today.

I only got 15, which I'm not sure it's because of their available stock or it's because they have to mail it halfway across the planet so they can't actually mail 20 stickers (postage was $1.18 from New York to KL in a small envelope, addressed to "GetGlue Fan").

Sticker breakdown: 
  • Got some duplicates (top right corner), 
  • Some generic GetGlue achievement stickers from early on, 
  • a net@night sticker, 
  • a Bones sticker,
  • diggNATION sticker, and
  • TANGLED sticker
Come to think of it, these might have been stickers from my previous account that I'm not really using anymore, as I made a sticker request from THAT account a long time ago before this and had decided to wait for the actual stickers to arrive before closing that account down. Hmm.