Sunday, 23 January 2011

Chic POP/KLPac Open Day

Checked two different events happening over the last two days - the Chic POP Street Market which happened on Saturday at Jaya One and KLPac's Open Day today at Sentul. 

Chic POP Street Market was alright - didn't really buy any clothes (they were not kidding about the vintage clothes on sale; if I wanted to wear vintage I might as well wear Mum's clothes from when she was younger), but I can't say I didn't see anything interesting as well - I saw someone selling Lego digital cameras and what not.  I did line up at Tongue in Chic's registration counter (for swag), but that was the extent of it. The only thing I spent money on there was a one person serving of The Last Polka's White Coffee ice cream at The Bee (yet another eatery I've not been to cos I don't want to go by myself), which was pretty good for homemade ice cream.

I also finally checked out this year's Open Day, happening at KLPac, later in the day than I expected. I didn't go to the workshops or any of the indoor events (was towards the end of the day, anyway), but I wandered around the outdoor activities and also the market happening on their lawn. Again, I spent money on ice cream, this time The Kreme Kart's soft serve ice cream. Nice.