Thursday, 20 January 2011

Birthday wish list - Limited Edition Moleskines!

Yes, I got sucked into the Moleskine notebook craze - the collecting of the limited edition Moleskines part, anyway. Getting these is one thing, actually using them is another. The pursuit is always more fun than the actual capture.

1. Marc Jacobs Moleskine

As this is a Barney's item which I can't get without having to pay through the nose for a couple of these (haven't found a way to get them from outside the US), I'd put this at the top of the list for difficulty in procurement.

Image from Harpers Bazaar
2. Peanuts 60th Anniversary edition

I already have the one on the extreme right, I just kinda want the other three to complete the collection.

3. Woodstock 40th Anniversary

I already have the one on the extreme right, but the other three would be nice to round it all up.

There's also the Pacman Anniversary one, but that's optional.

Please and thank you.