Sunday, 17 May 2009

Week 21, 2009

  1. Saw Wolverine - it was so-so. It spun a great yarn. Missed a few minutes in the beginning and a couple of the post-credit scenes. D'OH.
    Finally got a Brazilian done Saturday. Wasn't THAT painful, and luckily nothing serious happened.
  2. Spent RM64 at the Big Bad Wolf sale on Friday - not bad. Still resisting the urge to go back again as they're still unpacking books...
    Will I do it again? I don't know - it depends on the regrowth. But otherwise, glad to have it finally done.
  3. Redeemed the first of the furoshiki at 1U before the movie started when I finally bought the compact powder refill from Clinique which I've put off buying for a while.

  4. Finally saw the MDG finale online, choosing to go for the book sale instead on Friday night. Personally I thought Dawn should've won, but being a Beautilicious rep is not a bad gig either.

  5. After going through the sore throat and cough week, my period comes. Good things come in threes, my ass. Now I feel a runny nose coming on. Now it's time to try out the flu meds I got from Singapore...

  6. Went out for steamboat at Kota Damansara Sat night with the family. The current weather is not the best one for steamboat. The tom yam soup was pretty damn spicy and ended up sweating AGAIN. Argh.