Saturday, 2 May 2009

Long overdue primary school reunion

After 13 long years and thanks to Facebook, more than a third of my Standard 5/6 class (mostly the same people) showed up at the Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe in 1 Utama. Which doesn't sound like a lot of people until you take into consideration that our class was about 40 odd at the time. 20 something people (plus some others) in one corner of the restaurant. And our former PE/BM teacher, Cikgu Ros (who is STILL teaching at Yuk Chai after all these years). Imagine the noise and chaos the wait staff have to go through trying to get and serve the orders.

The menu was pretty blah and like some of the other bloggers, I thought the drinks were overpriced. Ended up with just the warm water (with lemon slice) provided. Against my better (health-wise) judgement, I tried the braised lamb shank (RM28.90; which was one of the last dishes to arrive at the table), which was so tender it fell off the bone. The sides of mashed potatoes and the spicy ratatouille (their words, not mine) was also not bad.

For a few hours, we made the most noise in the place. Way too many pictures taken. Even the wait staff were sporting enough to join in the camwhoring. Not really looking forward to seeing the tagged pictures on Facebook over the next few days.