Monday, 20 April 2009

Won a U2 tee shirt

No, not the clothing store U2, which by the way they've since renamed it G2000-blu, which threw me and my cousin off in a loop the last time we tried to find one in the Valley.

I got an email from Time Out KL today saying that I've won a U2 tee shirt in their online contest that I joined on a lark. Which I guess is not a bad thing considering that even a copy of their latest album (No Line on the Horizon, which I've not heard yet) would be pretty good already.

The only snag was the "having-to-go-downtown-on-a-work-day" thing which makes it a little difficult cos I can't really leave the office and I don't want to waste my leave for a thing like this. Think I might've gotten the sibling to do the dirty deed for me, have to wait and see.