Saturday, 11 April 2009

Trip to the chiropractor

So I went to see Dr Andre the chiropractor (freaky coincidence: he was featured in a piece in yesterday's NST about his occupation) in Subang today, so couldn't really go to 1U to borong some more Stila stuff - my back over cheap make up lah.

Left the house 45 minutes before cos of the traffic congestion on both the LDP and the Federal Highway and in case I got lost lah. Turns out I didn't have THAT much trouble finding the place, so I ended up being 15 minutes early, and spent the bulk of that time registering and waiting.

The doctor was a nice guy. Boyish looking and also easy on the eye... there, I said it. He was losing his voice after a trip down to Singapore. No, I didn't ask why he was there. Didn't stop the theories in my mind from forming.

After some chat about how I came to be in that predicament and examination (he also couldn't really believe that it happened to me from lugging around a mere 4.5 kg backpack), and from what I could digest...

The arch on my left foot's a little flat, which caused the left leg to twist a little wrongly, causing minor havoc to the pelvis, then there's something about muscle strain which pulls on the spinal cord, la la la. All that, and yes, my lower back's a little weak (as if I didn't already know that) from all that. I think.

Should've asked for a condensed version... d'oh.

After that, I had to strip down to the skivvies (tip: wear nice ones) and change into a gown (pretty secure with all that velcro fastening, so no accidental rear end flashing; also glad to see they got a washing machine on the premises), and had a session of trigger point and electrical therapy, an ultrasound scan of my back (who knew it was that useful?) and also some chiropractic adjustment from the good doctor himself. Took a lot of deep breaths when he was cracking the neck (I'm not a neck cracker cos it might go wrong in so many ways) and spine. Was told to ice my back and take it easy the rest of the weekend before letting me off.

It's a good thing they accept cards, because I certainly didn't have enough cash on me to pay for it. Yes, one of my debit cards went through (the other one didn't go through perhaps because it didn't have enough money in it, so had to use the backup backup card), good to know :P

Driving back, it felt as if the pain went to the other side... O_o But as of now, it's back on the left again. Kinda.

How am I feeling? Ask me again after a couple of days.