Monday, 27 April 2009

So I had to cycle to work today

Last night I was confronted with a minor hiccup - that no one would be home tomorrow morning and I would have no car to drive to work. Since I don't want to owe people favours and I had none that I could collect at about 8 something in the morning ANYWAY, my choices were either my two feet or the pair of wheels known as my bro's bike.

[Had to add that the Jeep was expected back in the evening, hence the carless-ness.]

I've told people that the office is near enough that I could've walked or cycled to work if I wanted to, but going uphill in office wear is not a likeable prospect. And not in Malaysian weather. Also, the non-CO2 emitting options would take me longer than driving.

It was one of those uber hot mornings - the sun was shining brightly, mocking me. I drew the curtain, saw the sunlight, and I said, "Oh fuck me". Or something like that. Either way, still screwed.

Made it to the office sweating like nuts. Locked the bike inside by the stair rail, but not obstructing foot traffic.

Got the call to collect the car around 6 something, as I was having dinner. Put dinner on hold and went with Dad to collect it. For RM280, the workmanship was pretty good. No, I don't have any before and after pictures, but it was as if no one had ran into it. Cool.