Saturday, 4 April 2009

RIP, Stupid Kitty

Yes, we lost the little blighter to... of all things, a urinary tract infection. Sigh.

It was only about what, 15 months old (?). Pity. As a (for the most part) stray, it's about the average lifespan, no?

Drove it to the vet only to have her confirm that it's no longer living.

I thought it was ironic that Mum was concerned with him peeing in the car when it hasn't been doing so for the last couple of days already. I rather deal with smell of urine than the smell of death in the car as we drove it home for a (yet another) burial. Lucky we had plenty of space outside the house for that.

Saw the sibling hoe his way through the rocky soil to dig a hole deep enough to put the fler to rest. Fortunately for us, it had rained earlier so it was less difficult to do so. This is not the first time he's done this - better him than me, at any rate.

Least the sibling was pragmatic about it, He said, "one less creature to feed". At least the uncle-cat is still around... rotund that he is.

So apt that he died on Cheng Beng.

Now got no fuzzy to mess with. Oh well.