Sunday, 19 April 2009

My Kuru Toga pencil...

Call it a filler post.

Got the Uni-ball Kuru Toga pencil in the mail some weeks ago (bought off eBay, with the payout I got from Planet Pulse)... here's some pictures (taken with both phone and camera - the quality's pretty obvious as to which is which). I bought another one in silver when I was in Singapore - way cheaper than this one, I should tell you.

Check out the amount of postage...

I've not written a whole lot with the pencil, but even with the change of lead, I can't seem to get the output to be as dark as I'm accustomed to with my other mechanical pencils.

Otherwise, it's a cool concept and I heard there's a new Kuru Toga out already in a form that I would prefer... Another scouting trip down south?