Monday, 13 April 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl - from 12 to 5

Okaylah, haven't been bitch...err, talking about the show for awhile now. But I've been watching it every week.

Because I don't really follow their schedule (Thursday and Saturday? Yes?), I usually end up just watching the latest episodes that week over the weekend.

Before I continue, I need to get this out of the system: It maybe just me, but Denezia remind me of Miley Cyrus - the being 17, bubbly, rounded face part. Really.

The photo shoots are pretty run of the mill - all with the relevant sponsors (LUCT, HP, Wacoal, etc)... but the Bella shoot they had at the Royal Selangor factory confused me: If Bella's the beauty centre, how'd it get to be about the necklaces? Was it a lifestyle shoot, or were they supposed to show the necklaces they were wearing somehow? Because you don't see the jewellery in half the photos. At least I didn't.

The double eliminations must've been great for (what) ratings they have. With Elaine taking over Sazzy's hosting duties, she seems to have a lot on her plate as she's also directing the contestants at the photo shoots this season as well as judge. Wah lau. The other judges we all saw during the auditions are now down to just being the ones conducting the workshop-cum-challenges.

At least the eliminations were to the point and has less theaterics (hate Tyra for that). But I don't know why they had to keep the post-elimination crying sessions longer than necessary... I get it, she's going home and you're sad because she's leaving. MOVE ON ALREADY!!

The recorded phone calls this season's tamer than the previous season as some of the girls called their boyfriends and others didn't, so not much there. Juanita does a Cartman where she screws people over and then denies that she's ever done it. There's probably a Freudian defense mechanism in that somewhere, but I can't remember now.

But the house drama... wah lau eh, like soap only man... one girl thinks another is faking illness, the racial cliques, etc etc. But of course not really like ANTM standards lah. To gather some insight into the drama, the official MDG blog helps as it's written not only by the official bloggers, but also the contestants, the latter presumably done on a HP laptop (haha). And to show the audience more of the drama between the contestants, a couple of the episodes came with extra instalments to watch instead of the usual five-per-episode formula. (Tip: watching the show on the official site is still WAAAYY faster than where ever else it might be on).

This season's la la muis (you know who) are actually pretty entertaining to watch and I don't hate them as much as I did the last season. And their pelat is not that pelat, which is always a good thing, as it's easier on the ears :P

I have no idea who is going to win this season, but (as usual) I hope she's eloquent enough, that's all I ask.