Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Life is Hell

Stumbled unto the Life in Hell series when I bought a used copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Love is Hell from Pay Less Books some years ago. It's a series created by Matt Groening pre-Simpsons with anthropomorphic rabbits and a pair of gay lovers. The humour is darker and snarkier than The Simpsons.

I'm trying to finish my collection of the books, which I found out is quite a few titles in the series... Got my work cut out for me. Been poking around Better World and Abebooks for used copies, but if anyone's seen them anywhere else that I could get cheaply... let me know.
  1. Love is Hell
  2. Work is Hell
  3. School is Hell
  4. Box Full of Hell (Redundant; compilation of the first 3 books)
  5. Childhood is Hell
  6. Greetings from Hell (Don't really need this; it's the postcard book)
  7. Akbar and Jeff's Guide to Life
  8. The Big Book of Hell
  9. With Love From Hell
  10. How to Go to Hell
  11. The Road to Hell
  12. Binky's Guide to Love
  13. Love is Hell: Special Ultra Jumbo 10th Anniversary Edition
  14. The Huge Book of Hell
  15. Will and Abe's Guide To The Universe
The only I got brand new was the last one because I found it in BookXcess, the rest I bought used. I don't mind not having no. 7 cos I'm not a big fan of Jeff and Akbar, the gay characters (nothing against gay people, it's just that they're not my favourite characters in the series).