Thursday, 30 April 2009

Labour Day weekend... woo hoo!!

It's the start of the Labour Day weekend... wahey!

Finished Norm Feuti's Pretending You Care: The Retail Employee Handbook yesterday. It's supposed to be for people who used to be in retail, or ARE in retail or intending to be in retail in the near future. Reminds me of the Dilbert business books: text with comic strips weaved in for illustrative purposes. Loads of the author's own comic strip, Retail (quite funny - Would get the collection if it was out). I'll try to be less nasty to retail employees in the future (but I'm already pretty nice to them anway).

Got Mary Roach's Spook (book ring - mailing to back to America when I'm done) from Australia yesterday and also Stephen Fry's Making History from Germany today. On top of the other books I got a couple of days ago.

Sore throat started early yesterday morning. By night time I had this crazy fever going which was quelled the next morning with several Panadol and one aspirin (couldn't swallow the second one).

Also contemplated taking the day off, but when Mum came back from work (she's also under the weather) just as I was leaving, I decided not to. Even brought a travel mug full of salt water to gargle (office bathroom of course; if I did it in the kitchen it would gross people out and I wouldn't be able to focus) just in case.

Also found out I'm a weekly winner in Nuffnang's Malaysian Dreamgirl blogger contest. Woo.

Got some plans this weekend, but it depends on how I feel health wise.