Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sleep... or lack of it.

Sorry, filler post. Happy Thursday. This was a meme I ripped off someone else, but I'm in no mood to inflict this on anyone else, so happy reading.

How do you sleep at night?

Is your sleep affected by the national angst? Do you drop off easily, as you always did? Or does it take a while to get to sleep?

No, my sleep is not affected by national angst? What is this national angst of which you speaketh of?

No, my sleep is mostly affected by my own personal angsts, or just nagging ideas and thoughts floating in my head - ideas for blog posts, etc.

What strategies, if needed, do you use to get to sleep?

Pills? Sheep? Late night television show? And/or…?

Not going to bed until I can't keep my eyes open any more. But yeah, TV does it for me - I usually watch TV on the bed and would usually switch it off right before going off to sleep.

What strategies do you have to get back to sleep?

I don't - if I'm not too awake to start, it's no biggie.

Are your dreams affected?

Are they more anxious than before? Do they wake you up in a sweat? Or are they peaceful, innocent, undisturbed by the general malaise?

People in my life appear in my dreams, which makes them weirder than they already are by nature. To get out of them I usually just wake up. Fortunately, once I do go back to sleep there are no sequels.