Sunday, 29 March 2009

Happy 6th Blogoversary to me...

Totally forgot that it's been 6 years already yesterday... hmm. Oh well.

Went to Amcorp today cos Dad wanted me to get the lock on his wheelie luggage bag fixed. Didn't really find the place at first pass, but it turns out to be a place that I've walked past in the past as it was right next to the Popular outlet. Found the place in the end, and the guy agreed to have it replaced for RM18 and would be ready in a couple of days. He even asked if I would mind that the combination lock was of another brand, and I said no after calling Dad to ask.

Before that I got distracted at BookXcess and bought several more books (and threw in a book thong for the "5% discount for RM50 purchase" thing)...
Then, while I was looking for aforementioned shop, I saw Amir Muhammad hawking his latest book, Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things Vol. 2 (RM20, RM5 cheaper than retail), as well as other books from Mata Hari Books, the only other book I bought for RM10 was The Malaysian Book of the Undead by Danny Lim. Didn't know they were on Amazon, so I registered these and some others that I already have on my Bookcrossing shelf, haha.

Speaking of Bookcrossing, have finally mailed off a Bill Cosby yesterday to a fellow Bookcrosser in Germany in exchange for a Stephen Fry (which I hope he/she hasn't forgotten).