Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Coldplay, Singapore Indoor Stadium, 23/3/09

It's been nearly three years since the last time I went down south for a Coldplay gig (again, hate them for not stopping in KL, but tickets might cost more in that case).

Merchandise: I only saw tee shirts, with choices between 3 - 4 designs ($40 each), tour programme ($25), cap, tote bag ($25). The tee shirts were sold really fast - I didn't even manage to get one of those stereptypical black tour tees with the tour stops on the back. But I did buy a baby tee, only to find that I couldn't wear it. Oh well - I wasn't planning on wearing it anyways.

I was glad that the opening act Mercury Rev (who came on at about 8.15 p.m.) only did 5 songs in their set. Their music is a cross between Muse, Mogwai and... I can't think of who else. At least their frontman has slightly better stage presence. I suspect people were cheering so loud and enthusiastically at the end because their set was finally over (we did pay to see Coldplay, after all). Was glad that the band came on at 9.15 p.m.

The pit was seated, and for that I was glad... until people started standing on their seats because they can't see anything otherwise. I got prodded by security, who was trying their darndest to get people to stand on the ground because there were still people who can't see the stage.

Instead of writing down the setlist, I decided the video the performances just because me taking snaps from where I was would be a waste of time and space. Pics and videos suck, so don't ask to see it. Need a camera with a better zoom and sound, haha. But at least the 2GB SD card was enough for the concert, though I can't say the same for the batteries... the pair I was using died about halfway through the show and had to do a quick change. D'oh.

Butterfly confetti descended into the pit during Lovers in Japan. I thought it was gonna be a wave of confetti, but there were THREE waves of the stuff. I don't even want to know how many kilos of the stuff was dropped on us... I told someone later that I paid $250 just to collect paper butterflies :P

But I was glad to hear The Hardest Part live at last, which is weird considering the song's got its root in watching porn.... Go figure.

Also dropped the camera a couple of times. Glad it's still in one piece :P

Overall, I would've enjoyed the show more if I wasn't so sticky and smelly.... :P
Well okay, I still had fun. So did everyone else - as we were all leaving, everyone burst into Viva La Vida's "oooohhh" refrain.