Sunday, 22 March 2009

Another year, another Cheng Beng

Almost forgot about the Cheng Beng until Mum reminded us kids a couple of days ago that we're supposed to wake up before the sun come up for this. Ho-kay. I guess being like the very first weekend that people could do this, the trip was not as painful as previous years: minimal traffic in and out. Weather was also not too bad, it didn't get too warm.

The burning part ran a little too long because they had loads of hell notes to burn and there was also a Merz effigy to burn on top of all that.

Got home about 11 something, which is none too soon. Fell asleep around 1 something in the afternoon from the lack of sleep. I only woke up because I was sweating and just as well, as it was about time for my weekend dose of Leno. AND I've not entirely caught up with all the Colbert Report for the last couple of weeks because of the crappy internet connection and I won't have access to my laptop for about 36 hours once I wake up tomorrow morning. (I refuse to lug it around, if I had a netbook, perhaps... but not the typical-sized laptop). Thank goodness for Changi's internet-enabled booths.

For the moment I'm done packing (checked off the packing list I made on Monday), but there could be a couple of things to stuff in just before I leave.