Wednesday, 11 February 2009

To go or not to go?

This week it's been announced that Coldplay will be making a stop in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Singapore after their stops in New Zealand and the European tour in August and tickets are going on sale next Monday.

My reaction to that was to go on a Christian Bale-like rant about the indignity of being passed over again and the trouble of travelling down south if I ever wanted to go.

If anyone else were to ask me on whether to go or not, I would tell them to JUST GO if you haven't already seen them before. I guess I should go because it's the new (Viva La Vida) tour, but...

The Singapore show is on a Monday - if I were to go I would have to take 2 days off...

Fly or bus? I've not flown into Singapore for a few years now and I haven't flown alone before. Bit the nerve wracking thinking about it.

Then there's the accommodation - I'm not sure if I want to call in any favours to crash with people. And I'm not sure if I want to pay for one night or two. All those things.

I COULD (hypothetically) fly in Monday morning, stroll around Orchard, go for the concert, spend the night in a hotel and fly back the next day. El cheaponess I know, so shoot me. The seating area I'm eyeing costs nearly RM500 a ticket! WTF. Itu belum kira mau beli merchandise lagi.