Saturday, 14 February 2009

My VD/SAD so far

Finally got up around 10 something. Wanted to make scrambled eggs only to find there was no more milk or cream in the house (I absolutely refuse and not desperate enough to use the non-dairy creamer), so I decided to head out for breakfast at McDs. The sibling came along because he also had errands to do. Stopped at the SS2 McDs cos otherwise we wouldn't make it for breakfast. Wanted to throttle this uncle (who brought his kid daughter) who was making life a little difficult for the part-timer behind the counter less than 10 minutes before 11. Made the order in time. Had the hot cakes and hash brown set (RM5.95) each using the coupon that came with today's paper (I'm guessing). The pancakes (essentially) didn't taste any different and there was plenty of syrup to go around. Wish I could say the same for the pats of butter.

First stop after breakfast was Digital Mall cos my bro wanted to get printer cartridges for his printer. While I was at All IT, I bought a new silicone keyboard cover (there was a hole in the old one which I think my mother had something to do about that) for RM13.90, which was way cheaper than the last one. Damnit.

Stopped at Bangsar to get the brows and upper lip threaded (just cos).