Friday, 9 January 2009

Seven month wait... WTF

So I finally got over that procrastination hump and called the ONE Perodua service centre in PJ that's doing the rear seat belt fittings. I said it - ONE PLACE to serve the rear seat belt needs for the whole of Petaling Jaya. Stupid or not?

First time I called, the earliest appointment they could give me was August 14. (The "just-asking" call)

Yes you read that right - AUGUST 14. And it's only January now - the wait list is now SEVEN months long (one more month from what's been reported in the paper lately). Trust me, if there were more service centres authorised to do the fitting, the wait wouldn't be as long.

So I texted the mater on the situation, and told me to go ahead and get an appointment in the books as she could always take the day off for it.

Have I mentioned how busy the lines are? Something to bear in mind when you call them. Perhaps it's a Klang Valley thing.

Finally got through a second time (got a human to talk to, anyway); as the people handling the appointments were still on the line, I gave them my cell phone number for them to call me back. Being the impatient sort, I decided to call again to see if I could get a slot before they get round to returning my call for the heck of it. Long story short, I got a slot for 2 days before the initial date I got.

Once that was done and I've hung up, a thought occured to me: what happens from now until I get them installed? Does this mean I can't have passengers in the back for seven months? Made it through the busy lines again and was reassured that nothing would happen if I ever got pulled over as the law for those who already had the seat belts but were not buckling up. Oh-kay, if you say so.