Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mildly exciting week so far...

The week was only mildly exciting because the office was burgled a couple of days ago during lunch. Fortunately no one was hurt, but my colleague that witnessed it was a little spooked. I'm just glad that there were no knives or guns involved. (And that I was also out for lunch instead of having my own packed lunch in the office that day as I might've :P)

The thieves only made off with 3 old laptops and one brand new (personal) shiny Vaio that belonged to the intern du jour (who must be kicking himself for not insuring it when he bought it - lesson to everyone out there: INSURE YOUR LAPTOPS!). Fortunately for us they also didn't make off with the shiny new HP laptop that was in the boss's office, or else we will never hear the end of it. (He was already shooting his mouth off, saying why didn't anyone stay back and all that... oy).

The way I see it: If the colleague wasn't there and scared them off with her screaming, they probably would've made off with more stuff. I give the thieves the tip of the hat for thinking of packing and taking the laptop bags also. But I give them the wag of my finger for basically making off with laptops old enough to be sold for parts (at most).

It's just one of those inevitable things - theory was we were already marked, so there wasn't much more we could've done about it anyway.