Thursday, 29 January 2009

Last couple of days....

  • Tried Godiva's Dark Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir at the KLCC store yesterday. For RM22, it's a nice one-time thing, but then the guy had to go give me the last of those redemption cards (which they tore off the book) where you get one free after paying for 6 drinks. WTF. Was tempted to ask the guy to stamp two more on my card to take advantage of the mainland Chinese couple who ordered one each after me just because.

  • Went to Digital Mall with uncle and cous today cos they needed to get some stuff. Most of the shops are still closed (even when the signs on some of them say that they'll open today) - liars.

    Got parked in by this biatch of a woman who left her car unlocked (don't know why) and only finally showed her face when my uncle was in the process of ACTUALLY moving her car, claiming that we (I meant ME) only honked twice (thrice actually, but one of those times was a little too short). If there weren't so many witnesses around, I'd probably pushed the car and let it go on its own, not knowing where it'll end up. Ensuing chaos. HAHAHAHA....!!! Weakest excuse for double parking ever: "There wasn't enough parking space" when there are plenty (for that time of year, anyway) more down the street. Lazy, more like.