Saturday, 31 January 2009

CNY week comes to a close...

Yesterday was the family annual potluck. This year was at the youngest aunt's place in Bukit Kinrara, where most of us have never been before since they moved there. Mum attempted to make Gran's famous laksa, which also saw approval from the matriarch when she stopped by earlier in the day to check on it, haha. While my brother vaguely remembered how they get to the Kinrara in general, but not the house exactly. Eventually found the place based on logic lah. Dad didn't come along as he had a prior engagement.

One aunt made nasi kunyit and chicken curry (also with Gran's supervision), another bought 200 sticks of chicken and beef satay, my uncle bought KFC and my auntie (in my uncle's absence, who's still in America) ordered Domino's and the pizzas came before they did.

I was glad that their living room was air-conditioned cos of the number of people present and all that. Lost some money in low-stakes card games (which is just as well, cos someone of my sign has been told not to gamble :p), and we ended up playing Uno and the (very painful) Heart Attack towards the end of the night.

My cousin and his family came; everyone was busy fussing with the new 5 month old baby. I had to remind the aunties that they're now kor po (grandaunt), and it was a little funny when one aunt said that sounded SO OLD. (So did Mum when she thought about it some days before). He and family disappeared for awhile (presumably to mind the baby in some peace and quiet), and came out again while some of us were playing cards. I saw him watching (while downing a slice of pizza) when I was dealing the cards and I remembered the days when he used to take charge of the card playing sessions. Oh well.

Anyway, got lost on the way home - missed the first U-turn back and ended up taking a freaking long detour through KL and PJ Old Town before reaching home. Urgh.