Monday, 15 December 2008

Run - Snow Patrol vs Leona Lewis

I remember hearing news that Leona Lewis has done a cover of Snow Patrol's Run (which is a favourite song of mine), which I had just thought about and had to find the video on YouTube and hear it for myself.

Here's the video that someone else uploaded (as the official channel disallowed embedding)...

It's basically her walking towards and inside a forest wearing a very nice dress whilst singing the song. I was surprised the choir didn't suddenly appear out of nowhere in the forest with her, haha.

Compare that to the original, as sung by Gary Lightbody. Even the videos also got the same running theme going... oh well.

Anyway, there are good covers, and there are also bad covers: I guess Leona Lewis has done a pretty decent job of covering the song. If they played this one more on the radio instead of Bleeding Love, I wouldn't hate on her so much. But I swear, if I had to hear that song one more time, it wouldn't be her love that's bleeding; it'd be my ears.... sheesh.

The thing that appealed to me about the song in the first place was the haunting quality of the vocal and piano, so I have to go with the original because I really cannot stand Bleeding Love anymore, haha.