Tuesday, 16 December 2008

More mixed updates

  1. It's official: them damn cats are now (might as well be) pets - just ones that aren't welcomed into the house, haha.

  2. Cousin asked me to buy the Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Deluxe mini brush set (it's a holiday thing) for her pretty sure because there aren't any Bobbi Brown counters or stores in JB (I think). Might as well get one for myself, too. Am only getting it on Saturday (called the BB counter at 1U [don't ask how I have the number] earlier in the evening; was told they still had plenty - but will call again later in the week to check again, just in case) and she said she'd pay me back when she comes up to KL after Christmas.

  3. 10 more days to Christmas. Most of the office will be gone on the 26th. As far as I know it's only me and another colleague who's not taking the day off (don't see the point really, seeing as I don't celebrate it and I'm not one for taking leave when everyone else does). Not sure if anyone else with keys to the office will be coming into work; or else we were thinking of self declaring the day off, haha. I just hope that the boss is gone as well... hope springs eternal.

  4. Watching Mamma Mia! the stage musical at Istana Budaya on Friday night - friend Jacky's got 2 free tickets from her company. Might as well go since it's free, right? Must remember that the dress code's no tee shirts, jeans, sneakers... oy.