Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Boston Legal finale

I know people don't give a shit about Boston Legal (BL) and it'll be years before Astro gets to Season 5 (if ever), but I got to get it out of my system.

I was upset (to say the least) when it was announced that the fifth season of BL would be its last... Which is just as well because I thought the writing was getting a little sketchy over the last season or two. What I was more outraged about was the show is only given thirteen episodes to wrap things up. THIRTEEN....WTF.

The 2-hour BL finale last week was not bad: they really wrapped up the storylines - Shirley married Carl, Jerry and Katie got together, the firm got bought out by the Chinese... What I didn't expect was the resolution of the Denny and Alan "bromance" - to get married (for money, of course), taking advantage of Massachusetts' gay marriage law.
  • All these years I thought that balcony was open air.. who woulda thunk that it really wasn't?
  • How is it that Jerry (made partner towards the end) is still sharing an office with Katie, while Alan (who's not partner) gets his own office?