Sunday, 7 December 2008

Benefit's Brow Bar in Pavilion - Prices and Services

If you've read today's StarMag, you would've noticed a piece about Benefit's new place to get your brows (and upper lip) done in Pavilion, their Brow Bar.

I was there a week or two ago and I happened to pick up the leaflet, and here are the prices for their services... for my information and so I could toss the leaflet out already (as I've been meaning to mention this at some point and I'd forgotten until now).
  • Brow arch: RM55
Waxing services
  • Brow & Lip: RM75
  • Lip: RM35
  • Chin: RM38 (ouch)
  • Lip & Chin: RM55
There are also the "buy 5, get 1 free" packages available:
  • Brow Arch: RM275
  • Brow & Lip: RM375
I thought the prices are a little steep to be honest. However, I don't mind trying it ONCE if I have the spare change for it or if someone else was paying; otherwise, I'll just stick to the other methods available. *coughthreadingcough*