Thursday, 9 November 2006

Things in Pop Culture I Don't Get

Here's a list of some things in the current pop culture that I don't get.

1. Dane Cook

Those of you reading and going, "Who?" don't worry, I'll try my darndest to be brief - he's like, one the hottest American standup comedian at the moment. Up and coming lah, to put it that way. He's been in movies no one's ever or gonna care about (
Employee of the Month being the most recent), but for some weird reason a lot of people like him. Personally, I think he's only funny some of the time, but not all the time. I've seen and heard some of his comedy and one of the major things I noticed is that he tends to be a little too loud (with excitement) when telling the jokes. As if I'm not already on my way to losing my hearing from years of loud music.

But I have to give the man credit for coming up with things like the Su-Fi or Super Finger and his tendency to butcher language by means of coming up with his own vernacular: BK Lounge for Burger King, "Wall" for Walgreens (pharmacy chain), and bamf (bad ass mother f*cker) among other things. Another way of looking at it is that he's being lazy, shortening all those words for some reason.

However, he has the tendency to swear a lot for a supposedly devout Catholic. All the more to confess about, I suppose.

Here's a video of his the ad for his latest standup special on HBO

2. Alias

Apart from Jennifer Garner in different looks several times every episode and her screwed up life, I don't get why it's such a hit. Fortunately it's cancelled (dare I say yeahoo?!), so whatever.

3. Grey's Anatomy

Granted it's a hit and a lot of people like the show; but I can't be arsed to watch it on a regular basis. (I only watch it when there's nothing else; my mum likes the show however). I can only try to explain why I don't watch this show, but it doesn't really interest me - if I wanted to watch doctors fall in love or screw one another, I'd be better off watching nip/tuck. This drama about medical interns at Seattle Grace and their love lives is nothing new. Besides, I find Ellen Pompeo's voice to be a bit high and annoying, among other things (like attaching the "Mc" prefix to almost everything).

4. Lost

I know people who watch this for reasons I can't comprehend. But I just wonder how many episodes and seasons can they squeeze out of the premise of airplane crash survivors on a (supposedly) deserted tropical island. Oi. I wonder if it's ever going off the air.

5. The Simple Life

When I heard about it being renewed for a couple more seasons and Paris and Nicole being friends again, I nearly puked. They're only playing dumb, for crying out loud (if they really are dumb, then err... never mind). The premise of the show also dumb like nuts, lucky I've not seen it here recently. As if we're not seeing/hearing enough of Paris Hilton and/or Nicole Richie.

6. Borat and that movie

Simply because I never saw Da Ali G show.

7. The Justin Timberlake obssession amongst young females

Seriously, I don't get it. The only song I like is that first song off his latest album, SexyBack, that also not for the guy's vocals or what, I just like the sound. He's just a white dude trying to sound like a black dude. Get over it.