Saturday, 5 August 2006

Samuel Beckett's Endgame

Thought I'd give Beckett a try, so I bought a (student-priced) ticket for tonight's performance of Endgame at KLPac in the afternoon. (If they had staged Waiting for Godot instead it would've been a tad predictable and a bit the obvious). 

Left home a little later than normal, but since I was going by myself, no biggie. Even drove through Hartamas to avoid the usual traffic jam that's normally present on the normal route. Shouldn't have bothered as traffic was smooth when I got back on the normal route. Kanasai. 

At least I got there in time for the doors to open and for the cows to rush in to get good seats front and centre. This time I took back and centre, being third row from the back. Also saw a few familiar faces, people that I've mentioned before in my previous trips to the theatre, so just use your imagination and make a wild guess. Director Gavin and Rashid Salleh was right at the back, with Rashid trying to make conversation with people seated a bit further away, one of them being Ms. George (whom I've not seen on stage for a while) who was right in front of me. The house lights were bitching bright and my wearing my glasses didn't help things at all. Silau like nuts, I tell you. 

Set was pretty basic as intended by the playwright. Show started at about 8.37 p.m. (my watch) and it was about 80 minutes long (there was an "Important Notice" sign for this also, but as I didn't bring my camera the image will remain in my head). I don't know if it's cos Beckett's too cheem or I'm getting dumber or what, but it was one of those plays that I don't quite get: I didn't get the beginning, middle, or end of the one-act play about a blind man (who can't stand) with his servant (who can't sit), who are living in a small house with the blind guy's parents who live in dustbins. The only reason people laughed was because the servant Clov (Alvin Wong) was the comic relief. Not that I was a fan of either Beckett or absurdist abstract plays to begin with. (Methinks even if I had read the text beforehand it wouldn't have helped). Cast was excellent; and I'm gonna leave my thoughts about the play itself at that. 

On the up side, at least I didn't get myself lost on the way home and got home in 25 minutes flat (no traffic mah), woo hoo!