Monday, 7 August 2006

Downloaded and watched that episode of Inside The Actors Studio with Hugh Laurie (thank goodness for torrents!). Nothing new learnt from it as it's mostly rehash of stuff one can find online. They did come up with some of his old stuff, like the 1982 Cambrige Footlights Revue show and a clip from Blackadder. It's mostly for the students of Pace University and American audiences in general who are not familiar with the guy. However, he did do an old song (Mystery) towards the end of the show. I also wanted to smack the students in audience for asking like the stupidest questions ever shown on TV. (When I was back in the States I could never remember to watch the show as I could never remember the timeslot it's on; I mostly watch Bravo for Queer Eye, haha).

Car's back from the shop - almost didn't recognise it if not for the license plate number. Let's just hope no one dings it now.