Sunday, 9 July 2006

Singapore Day 3

There's one thing I hate about travelling, esp. when travelling to a place so similiar to home: the heat and humidity. I was melting away like nobody's business and I got really grumpy and quiet (more than usual - cos I get grumpy and quiet when I start sweating too much).

Even with the Great Singapore Sale, I didn't really buy much because I was really crappy, grumpy and quiet and thought that anything I buy would be against my better judgement. Only thing I bought is the special edition CD/DVD edition of Keane's Under the Iron Sea at HMV yesterday, which also came with a free t-shirt. Also saw The Eraser there (a few days before it's supposedly out on Monday), but decided against buying it until I go back to KL cos it's about S$20 something. Of course there's also the South East Asian edition of X&Y everywhere, but it's not cheap after conversion. Of course I'm having doubts since I've only seen ONE copy back in KL. I kind of get why some people like HMV; but those things aside it's just like any other record store chain. I wonder what would happen if there's HMV in Malaysia...

So yeah, also met up with Pei Ying last night, whose working and living in Singapore now. Ended up in some Coffee Bean somewhere on Orchard and we were mostly catching up. Usual lah - told her about my life in the States, then she her days in Aussieland, then what happened to everyone else, la di da. Her roommate also came along (they were also shopping like the rest of the country), but when HER friend (an M.D.) came by they were off. She's coming back to Malaysia in a couple of weeks for a break.

Other than that, I don't have that much to say. Heh.

P.S. Phone got barred, so I can't make any calls. Bah.