Saturday, 3 June 2006

X Men: The Last Stand

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMy bro drove me and Pik to Pyramid to see X-Men: The Last Stand as he needed some experience driving there. (Fortunately had already wanted to go there when he said he needed to do an errand there.) Despite being a few minutes late we managed to catch the first screening of the day, knowing that they're only showing trailers and booze ads for the first 10 minutes. (It's an unfortunate fact of life that tardiness is rewarded in Malaysia sometimes.)

So okay, the whole point of this third movie is that a cure for the Mutant X gene has been found and mutant community (as usual) split in two about the idea - one being offended of the thought that being a mutant's a disease, the other half a blessing. As usual, Magneto wants to do something about it and suddenly his Brotherhood army expands like nobody's business. X-Men, on the other hand got their own problems when Jean Grey is found to be still alive; just not as Jean Grey, but as Phoenix. (In Freudian terminology: Jean Grey is the superego, Phoenix the id).

Reading the movie trivia, I was a little surprised that there was more than one contender for the character of Angel, which I thought was a bit weird since he didn't really play such a huge part in the whole movie other than being onscreen like he did. I'm glad that Kelsey Grammer played Beast, though I felt that he should've made an appearance earlier on - it's the only spot on casting as far as this casual fan could tell, haha. I wonder if he did his own stunts?

As is with most Marvel films, creator Stan Lee has a cameo in this one, too - this time it's within the first half-hour. (Clue: the flashback) It's always fun trying to spot the fler in various Marvel Comics-based films.

Halle Berry made use of her star power and got more screen time with her character more developed from the previous films
, which I guess is not such a bad thing as she stepped up as leader after the deaths of Cyclops, Jean and Xavier.

It was also funny to see Anthony Heald (Boston Public) as the guy who interrogating Mystique. That, and Wolverine taking the mickey out of Beast ("Who's the furball?", "Way to go, Furball"). It's a bit the frustrating to see them introducing so many characters in this one movie, since it's the last of the trilogy.

One of the more obvious mistakes in the movie was the Brotherhood attack on Alcatraz - when they started moving across the bridge, it was still broad daylight; when Magneto moved the bridge it was twilight, by the time they started the attack it was pitch black. What the heck?

As this is the third of the X-Men trilogy (?), a few characters were killed off - Cyclops, Jean grey/Phoenix, and Prof X (shed a tear during the funeral scene). A few also "lost" their powers because of the cure - Mystique (nice to see Rebecca Romijn in the flesh), and Magneto. But with hints that the cure not being a permanent and not knowing that there's a after-credit scene (damnit), read that Prof X managed to transfer his soul into someone's body. However, there's also nothing in the movie which suggests Prof X and Jauggernaut are stepbrothers.

I won't be that surprised if there's another one after this. Overall, I thought the movie is not too bad. But would I pay to watch it again since I missed the after-credit scene? I don't know.

After that, we wandered around Pyramid for a bit and then checked out the Payless Books clearance sale (nothing) and then to Carrefour and Subang Parade before heading home. And that was how I spent my Saturday.