Sunday, 21 May 2006

Hair cut.

Went to Tesco with Mum, finally got my hair cut in over 10 months. Oh, the indignity! Now it's about as short as when I was first overseas... not that I like my wavy tresses to start with, anyway. Tried out the express place in Tesco - 15 minutes for RM15. (Mum paid, heh heh) Hair was butchered by this bottle-blonde ah beng, which I found a little difficult to communicate with with my smattering Cantonese.

Also downloaded the season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and was I shocked about the ending... I mean, there has been talk about it, but come on! (I'm also disgusted at how behind we are in terms of it being shown here - I'm not even sure which season is AXN playing now)

Am about halfway through Jostein Gaarder's The Solitaire Mystery. As is his style, it's a story-within-a-story-within-a-story-within-a-story kinda thing, which is not my cup of tea but I am trying to expose myself to all sorts of writing styles. Of course it could also be cos it's translated to English from his native Norwegian. Fortunately the book was also a RABCK of sorts, so I'm passing this one on to whoever else wants it.

Have been upping my tea consumption since I got back, reacquainting myself with the Boh 3-in-1 Teh Tarik sachets in the house. Glad that I don't have to down any more Nescafe, even if it's for a while. Food wise have consumed thosai, roti canai, Starbucks hot chocolate, my mum's chicken rice, some of the kuih... Have also been to William's too.

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