Friday, 26 May 2006

Now that I'm done being an undergraduate....

1. As much as I didn't want that chapter in my life to close, but at the same time I was really tired of the endless test-assignment-quiz cycle that we had to go through the last 10 months in the States. Even during weekends I can't help but think of the work that I've got and the stuff that I've not read at the back of my mind. I miss the numerous public holidays that we get here when I was there, long weekends are few and far in-between. I was so fucking happy when my last 2 assignments as an undergrad were submitted, no matter how crappy the end products are. With this respect, I'm glad that part is over and done with.

2. As much as I miss the times that I've had with my coursemates (no matter how little) over the last 4 years (esp. this last year), I've come to accept that life must go on and we've got to move on. *Flashback sequence* Just think of those times and file them away in a KIV folder for easy access when you need it. I've to applaud the efforts people take to get together after leaving school for 10 years or more. Really.

3. I feel OLD!! I feel like I've matured waayy too early, which is stupid cos most girls mature 2 years before guys anyway. (I think that I've matured 4 years before my time). I can't believe that now I've got to decide between job hunting or continuing my studies, neither which I don't feel like doing at this very moment. But I'm already pressured to make a decision. If I work now, then at least I'll be somewhat financially independent; but with the cost of education on the rise (thanks to inflation), if I continue later who knows how much that'll be some years down the road.

4. Will we ever meet again? With so many of us scattered all over the US continent and the handful of us that are back here (for good or not), it's really hard to say as to whether any of them would come back or not (eventually). Oh well.

5. There's too much to look back on!! 22 years leh!! So much has happened!!

6. I can't complain about doing a course that I don't like - heck, I thought that I really learned a lot about human thought processes as a psych student. As much as making as much money as I can is a life goal of mine, but at the same time I've kinda learnt how to live without the latest gadgets as well... I know I'm just ranting.

You know what, I'm incapable of being introspective then, and I can't do it now. So I'm just gonna leave this at that.