Thursday, 4 May 2006

Final finals.

Just a quick post about what went on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday - Relaxation final. Biatch was in a good enough mood to let us use our notes to refer to at the last moment, so yippee for us who brought our notes to class and nay to the jocks that didn't. Thought it was okay, though I might've committed the cardinal sin of exam taking - not reading the question properly before answering it. But shit happens and it's now up to the biatch to decide. Have I mentioned that she's only a year older than me?

My History of Writing class also came to a close. There was also course evaluations - except I wrote that it's cool that the class doesn't have assignments or exams (heh heh).

Wednesday - Last Psychophys test: Haiya, whatever lah! (Missed out the course evaluation for it - if I didn't, I had more than a few things to say: like how I'm not the only that didn't want to take it in the first place) I know I won't fail; I just won't do as well as I wanted.

More final exam review for Personality class. She "saw" that the class was copying whole questions (we weren't! I swear...) from the previous quizzes and decided to rewrite the final to make it harder. KNNCCB. For some reason I'm not terribly worried about this one and I don't know why. (I'm more worried about the stuff that's due Monday which I've not touched yet, but still).

Had a short nap and went for Sunsplash (to replace the annual spring concert that got cancelled) at the John Glas Fieldhouse (where they had ice hockey back in winter) for a few minutes before attending the commencement briefing back at HS100 (biggest classroom in the place - auditorium like) with several hundred people that are also graduating this spring.

Three presentations to conclude Research Lab for the term. Our group went last, which is just as well cos by the time we were done the class didn't have too much to ask about our proposed research (the first 2 groups kena bomb question khau khau, esp by the brainiac of our group). Also submitted the individual portfolio (gave him the whole stack of journals from my lit review, heh heh) and one of the girls insisted on taking pictures for posterity, dragging the prof into the pictures. Quite an amusing end, I might add.

No idea if this works, but those of you who need it can try it out - Disable Non Genuine Windows Warning Messages. I figure that it would be time before someone finds a way to get around the "Windows tattoo" thing.

Another thing to look forward to when I go back - The Fastest Clock in the Universe, which is supposed to be a variation of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.