Thursday, 18 May 2006

Over the Hedge

Got back from watching the local premiere screening of Over the Hedge. It was pretty funny, and at the same time glad that I didn't have to pay for it.

I guess that most of the audience got their passes by association with TV3.

Anyway, found four other people to come, who were late despite the 8.20 p.m. time we agreed upon (should've said non-Malaysian time instead of merely Malaysian time). But then again it's not their fault - since they're renovating the place, people who want to go there are diverted to either the hotel parking or the mall parking. Considering it was my first time driving the Harrier out there, luckily I found my way to the mall parking. The others weren't so lucky.

Security was pretty tight: camera phones were being held, people with metal detectors and loads of security personnel were about. Even though it said 8.40 p.m. the movie only really started at about 9.10 p.m.. Malaysian timing betul.

But the show wasn't really that long (I thought) cos my bladder didn't threaten to burst on me halfway during the show or something.

I rather go for The Da Vinci Code premiere, but as long as it's free...