Thursday, 27 April 2006

Another birthday

Woke up at about 6.30 - I don't know why, don't ask and I can't explain - and can't go back to sleep, so thought I might as well get up and also psych myself for my presentation this morning.

So yeah, one of the girls on the floor had a birthday today and this time she got "ambushed" with people and cake at midnight, trying not to wake our RA (whose fast asleep). Considering the day she had yesterday, I guess this would make a nice end to her day.

(I know you're also a occasional stalker of this blog - so... happy birthday, again).

I just realized that I've not said much about Research Lab; there's not much to talk about really; all we've been doing this whole term preparing a research proposal paper in groups. And the group I'm in decided to do perfectionism and self esteem; the former being my topic from the first 2 months (during the topic selection and review process), the latter something we thought of with along the way. At this point we have submitted the group paper already along with showing the prof a rough draft of the Powerpoint presentation for next week's presentation. Oh, have I mentioned that there's no final exam? Which I guess is a good thing cos if there is I wouldn't know what would be examined.