Thursday, 13 April 2006

Student Achievement Day

Woke up to attend a presentation by a couple of friends because we were told to write a paper on a presentation. After that attended another one nearby about phi - the golden ratio that's mentioned in The Da Vinci Code.

Poked at the SPSS assignment and did what I could with it. Don't know if I should let the professor take a look at it before submitting it tomorrow. I'm afraid - so very afraid.

Went for the Res Life room selection party at Wallys - went for the heck of it with roomie to see what's going on. We were later joined by the other Malaysians. Door prizes were Barrel of Monkeys and there was chips, salsa, pretzels, ice cream and Sierra Mist (normal and diet). First there was drawings and they gave away sweatshirts, tee shirts, bottles, and other crap that people wouldn't normally buy.

Then came the big event - the free room drawing. 10 names were drawn and those people drew out a key each. First they got to unlock a couple of boxes to win iPod nanos (from the computer store) and then another round to unlock the door frame to win free room and board for the coming academic year. One of the girls on the floor were picked (she won a Nano) and one of us Malaysians were also up (she got $50 in Beaver bucks), but ultimately someone else won the free room.