Monday, 10 April 2006

It's times like these I've got to remember why I became cynical and jaded. Did that by looking up the meaning of said terms to refresh my memory. Now my reason is renewed. Makes me wish I was back in Malaysia with the Islam-ness, which would be a refreshing change from all this talk about Him this and Him that. I still get annoyed whenever I'm asked if I'm Christian just because of my proficiency in English. In my head, I'm like, "What's that got to do with anything?" [Excuse me if I'm paranoid about organized religions. Religious talk bore me ad infinitum to the point of ad nauseum. (Cool, pulled THAT off)]. Which is why hanging out with Steph and Jane is really refreshing because for one, they're not Christian so I don't have to watch my language in front of them and two, being able to swear freely is liberating.

Trying to learn how to apply behaviourism terms and theories like classical conditioning and schedules of reinforcement because she had told us that this test is gonna be strictly application only. D'OH. And right after that I've got that fucking Stats test.

Nearly forgot about the leaked version of Talk, which, listening to it now is a refreshing change from constantly listening to the album version. Heh.

Anyway, was a little productive today - decided to hit the pool for some laps.