Monday, 2 May 2005

Lost, Pt. 1

My only adventure of the day was getting lost in Shah Alam when we took the wrong lane from Subang trying to get back to PJ. [Dad asked us to drive out to Carrefour to get this car polishing gadget for RM49. He thought it was Tesco and after consulting the flyers, turned out to be Carrefour].

Other than that, my bro's been hogging the PC the whole day - now that he's asleep, I can use it for a short while cos I'm in his room and the respect one's privacy and all that. Not to mention that he's also downloading something and it's about 95% completed. Didn't know that he was asleep until I checked in on him because he left iTunes running. If he can sleep through that racket I'm pretty sure he can sleep with the lights on too. (Something that I can't do like ever - the curse of the light sleeper).

Couldn't really sleep last night cos I was putting myself in a frenzy about not getting an honours in my degree (which I accepted a LONG TIME AGO) and I was crying for a while before I could go back to sleep. Woke up this morning with my eyes slightly swollen and dry. Took most of the day and loads of blinking before they were back to normal. Now I remember why I hate crying - the after-effects of it all. But I've not really cried in the last few years because I was having fun with what I'm studying (even though I may curse a lot). It's only now that I'm on the verge of leaving the country for about a year and missing a lot of stuff, so the tears are coming back again. I feel like Eva, the last ANTM winner - the non-modelling aspect.