Friday, 13 May 2005

Loads of Coldplay-related news in the last few days.

1. Second SNL appearance

With Lindsay Lohan as host, word is they're doing about 5 songs for SNL (Saturday Night Live), most of them from the much-anticipated X&Y out June 6th, on the closing episode of the current season on May 21st. Since I'm on the wrong side of the planet to actually catch this for myself, looks like I'll have to wait for someone to upload both video and audio for it or wait until CNBC airs it. (Caught their last SNL appearance from way back about a few months ago).

2. Fix You on The O.C.

The latest episode of The O.C. (this week anyway) features Coldplay playing a short clip of Fix You. Or just the song playing in the background or something; I don't know. Since the current (second) season of The O.C.'s shown here on 8TV, it's gonna take a while before I get to see it.

3. Coldplay featured in June issue of Q magazine.

There's an piece on them in the June issue of Q and are (obviously) on the cover. But I've not seen it here yet. Not sure if I want to get it even cos it's RM31 here. Even though I've received scans of those pages from a generious forum member, but I still can't bloody read it. Only way is to download off the rapidshare links posted.