Saturday, 7 May 2005

Levi's 501 Day celebrations at Plaza Mont Kiara

So after getting the car back and some waiting and more reading of Angels and Demons, fyee came over and we set off from there to pick Pik up to go to Plaza Mont Kiara for the Levi's 501 Day event at the courtyard. Got a parking bay along the road outside and walked a short distance. Saw that everything's set up around the fountain area and there are people in the vicinity but there was no one lining up yet, which was a bit weird from previous experience.

So we did some wandering ourselves and checked out the other booths around the place, like the Swatch booth. There were the rest like Coke and Bugles and also a bank one, but didn't bother. And there was also the limited edition Levi's 501 Scarred Jeans (long pants and skirt) on display between pieces of glass - I don't think I want to pay RM300-RM500 for jeans that's been damaged ON purpose (patches, tears, etc).

There was also a stage for the battle of the bands thing later.

Wandered into Delifrance, looked at the food and saw that there was nothing to our fancy so we walked out. When we came out there was already a line of like 15 people, then we were like, "faster join the line before it gets too long" and joined the queue. Minutes later the line was about a few metres long. Chit-chatting the time away the time came and the line started moving and we got the free goodie bag each from a couple of angmo chicks and also a coupon for 2 cans of Coke. (Getting people high on caffeine and expelling it later's a VERY good idea at a gig). Also saw Jien (of the Disney Buzz and Malaysian Idol fame), who I think is acting as emcee for the event.

Upon examination, the content of said bags were:

- one very long white Levi's face towel (too small for the body unless you're planning to only cover your butt and privates)
- one huge black Levi's 501 Day tee-shirt
- one Levi's denim notebook (small one, look like the back of their pants kinda thing)
- one Swatch goodie bag consisting of 1 lanyard, bright yellow wrist sweatband, RM30 voucher and a notice about their loyalty club)
- one KLue notebook
- one noisemaker

Also got a copy of Levi's Spring/Summer 04 catalogue and another copy of KLue (aisey man) - like I needed another one. Then again if I didn't get one yesterday I wouldn't have found out about today because the newspaper ad wasn't very detailed.

Of course we didn't stick around - we shamelessly cabut-ted as soon as we got the stuff as we decided to have dinner elsewhere and didn't see the point of sticking around. Long story short, landed up at the Uptown Secret Recipe for dinner. And then came home lah.

Actually the stuff not that bad lah - cannot complain really, haha.

End of story.