Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Blogging Annoyances

I've only been blogging for a couple of years, but if you're into the world of blogging there's got to be a few things about it you notice that other bloggers inadvertedly do to irk their visitors. So here's my list of...

Blog annoyances (in no particular order):

Cramming too many multimedia features

You know the ones - the blogs which plays the blogger in question's song or movie clip
du jour on loading, on top of the Flash stuff, multiple huge ass pictures, and the cute online stuff which one would think is cute but ultimately useless and wastes the reader's time loading it all especially if they're on dialup and/or have a slow computer (like yours truly). Buttons showing one's interests and causes and all are okay - just not the rest of it.

And please don't embed mp3s and other media files into your blogs - it might be a clever trick but it's annoying to be prompted to download the file every time. If we ever want the file we'll ask you nicely for it. Unless you're a designated mp3 blog, please don't bother.

And don't get me started on the cursor scripts - the ones that shoots stuff out or what not when a visitor clicks. Luckily I hardly use IE anymore.

Colour combination

For those who are in love with the colour pink - pink background and white font's painful on the eye. Seriously. Also applicable to yellow font on any colour.

3. For the love of Pete - So you've tried blogging because everyone else is doing it and you find it to be tedious/lame/whatever, if you don't want to blog anymore, announce it to your readers everywhere that you can think of and promptly delete the blardy thing. Don't waste our precious blogging and blog-voyeurism time by giving false hope of ever hearing from you again. Updating once or twice a year is not blogging, it's visiting one's dentist.

This one I've been told of time and time again -

NO pictures at all and the very long blog entries.

So shoot me if I happen to be the blow-by-blow kinda person. But I include an illustration or two in every other post
mah. But yeah I can see how it can be boring especially if it's not someone you know personally. So shoot me if I don't have a digital camera and I no longer have the desire to take pics of myself.

Blardy long paragraphs without breaks.

Tires the eyes out trying to focus on paragraphs so long they make the US Constitution look like a children's story book. If it's a different story make another paragraph lah PLEASE. It's not like we're wasting paper and killing trees.

Another thing that some people don't like to read about is what people do everyday - where they went, what they did, what they ate, etc etc. The so-called mundane stuff. And avoids them. If a total stranger does it, that's okay - but it's gotta hurt coming from someone you call a friend. Seriously.

Personally, because I do it myself it'd be hypocritical of me to hate these kind of blogs. But I at least have the common sense to leave some of the mundaness out by putting up stuff like this in its absence. Also I don't mind it really, at least they can't be as bad as this blog (
lagi mundane, I tell you).

Not everyone blogs for the same reason(s) as you.

6. Overuse of elipses ("...") in said long, long posts.

Seriously... there's only so much of this that an average person can stand... esp in a paragraph 1 foot long... either stop at one period or tap "Enter" twice and make with the new paragraph already. I tune out halfway through personally.

If there are anymore annoyances, please remind me cos this is all the came to mind at the time of posting.


I hate this blog service with all my heart. Why? Because in order to comment on a damn Xanga blog you first have to REGISTER and make an account (which one will never use) first. I guess in order to prevent spamming and flaming, they've managed to turn off non-Xanga friends of said Xanga users.

8. Blog owners who don't reply to posted comments

Unless they're hate mail or they're trying to sell you Viagra, for the love of Pete, let the readers know that you've seen and acknowledged their feedback. Like that might as well not bother setting up the comments thing, right?