Friday, 6 May 2005

By now most Malaysians are ranting and raving about the RM 0.10 increase in petrol price from RM1.42 to RM 1.52 a litre, which I didn't even know about until I saw the NTV7 late night news yesterday morning. I'm not too chuffed about it myself, but I don't have to pay for my own petrol yet, that I am grateful for. So am trying to limit my driving as much as I can. But I guess it happens when you're used to paying cheap for petrol because the government has been bearing the burden of the cost.

My bro's grabbed Dad's office monitor in his absence. Don't think Dad's gonna be too happy.

Went to 1U (yeah, so much for limiting my petrol consumption) and got myself a copy of the latest KLue (can't say enough how much I love the monthly thing that they're doing now) and also something from The Body Shop.

Just found out about the Levi's 501 Day event tomorrow evening at Plaza Mont Kiara. Honestly the only reason I wanted to go is for free stuff, haha.

Oh yes, must also start worrying about my visa application.

p.s. The 'rents DID buy back keropok lekor.