Thursday, 7 April 2005

Went to 1U after class intending to get Amnesiac. Upon examination found that maybe it's an imitation limited edition one. What gave it away? A couple of hints:

1. The disc looked like something you get from the pasar malam. Have also compared it to the one in the normal jewel case.
2. The whole thing doesn't feel like it's worth the RM39.90 price tag.
3. Damaged on the inside and scuff marks on the outside.

Saved myself RM40, phew.

Next temptation: The Body Shop Passionflower EDP - RM59 (usual price: RM79). Also didn't buy as it's product of the month. It can wait.

First the Pope, now Rainier of Monaco. And a yawn of a royal wedding postponed to tomorrow.